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How to get to Gibraltar

There are 3 ways to get here.

By Air you can fly into Gibraltar airport from Gatwick, Luton and Manchester, check BA, Easyjet and Monarch for flights details.

By Sea via cruise ships mainly the cruise terminal is 1 mile from the town centre. For cruise information check out There are also ferries from Tangiers into Gibraltar but more regular ferries come to Algeciras (20 mins away) and Tarifa (40 mins away) in Spain.

On Foot, Gibraltar is not an island and is connected to Spain via a road and frontier crossing. There are many coaches daily from resorts all along the Costa del Sol bringing visitors on day trips. You can also get a bus into La Linea bus station, the town across the border and walk across the border. The bus station is only 5 minutes walk from the frontier. You can drive your car but please check with your hire company or insurer that it is insured to cross into Gibraltar. You can also park near the frontier and walk across there is a regular bus service at the frontier that will take you into town or on a circular route back to the frontier via the lighthouse and back.

Please remember you will need your passport to cross the frontier in both directions.

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